A Business that lets you Plan an Annual Meeting in Venice – or Monte Carlo – or Benidorm!- or wherever You Fancy!

by Dare2Change

Having spent years as a teacher when the only time I could go on holiday was during school holidays when the prices zoomed up and everywhere was crowded, I absolutely love this time freedom that I now have and the Passive Income I am earning through being involved with Dare2change

I first took a group of colleagues to Venice a few years ago. These are all people I have met since I started this business and, as well as being work colleagues, they have become firm friends.  We had an amazing time, so much so that everyone  voted to make it an annual event – hence the decision to hold our AGM there! Well that’s our story!

Of course we have to have our annual afternoon tea at Florians in Piazza San Marco whilst listening to the musicians, our trip across the lagoon to the illustrious Hotel Cipriani for cocktails and the inevitable visit to Harry’s Bar for the compulsory bellini!  Are the prices high? Yes – sky high!  But as we sit in the sunshine in the magical surroundings that is Venice, we all thank the business that had started off as a ‘little part time venture’ for each of us and was now enabling us all to have both the time and financial freedom to experience all this.

Now don’t think we have all become people who only enjoy going to the ‘up market’ places. We have just as much fun exploring all the Calles behind Piazza San Marco and joining the gondoliers for  cicchetti in a local bacaro. It is also amazing just exploring the back streets to discover the hidden gems round nearly every corner where we stumble across an amazing piazza with yet another magnificent church.

What this business has done for us all is to give us choices. Maybe an annual trip to Venice doesn’t appeal to you, but what would YOUR choices be if you could build a business that, over time and with consistent effort, gave you a monthly passive income?  Just dream a little – or maybe dream big!