“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t –

you’re right.”

Henry Ford

    1. Beliefs are such powerful things that they influence all areas of our lives. We’re all familiar with the concept of religious beliefs and political beliefs – whether we’re religious or political or not. We all accept that they are just a way of thinking and see too often on the daily news the consequence of intolerance when people forget that beliefs are just a way of thinking and elevate them to the status of facts.
    1. And so it is with self-belief. We elevate our ideas about our abilities and our potential to the level of truth and in so doing we put a limit on our personal growth – we limit what we can achieve in life. Rather than questioning the validity of our ideas we unconsciously seek to reaffirm them on a daily basis making them even more deep rooted and harder to shift.
    1. This is why in our team we are such believers in personal development. Personal development enables us to stretch our ideas about what is possible, about what we can achieve both in business and in life. We all realise that the only way to build our businesses is to build ourselves. So, stay tuned for recommendations on our favourite personal development resources.

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