My background is one of teaching. I was a PE teacher for many years, a career I loved. Because of this background one of the things I am passionate about is teamwork, making everyone feel an important part of the team. I am still heavily involved in sport and if I don’t answer that phone call immediately, I am probably on the tennis court!

From teaching I went into business, owning 5 retail fashion shops. I used the skills I had always put into coaching and developing sports teams into building up the businesses.

I enjoy travel and in particular seem to keep on returning to Italy. Because of this I am trying to learn Italian – ma non sono ancora fluente in italiano!’

The 2 words you will hear me say the most are TEAMWORK and FUN – and that is what this group is all about.



Hi, my name is Connor Murdock, my background is in Engineering and I currently work as a maintenance and process engineer in Blackpool.

I am part of the dare2change team and work it around my full-time job, building a team, and residual income for a secure future.

I believe in helping people learn to explore multiple sources of income for a secure future as there is no such thing as a job for life now!



My business background is quite varied.

Amongst other things I worked as partner in a family retail business and then spent quite a number of years as a self-employed Driving Instructor before changing career again and working in the Civil Service.

It was during this period that I was looking for a further change of direction and fortunately I was introduced to Mo and the Dare2change team. I initially got involved working part-time alongside my full-time job, which I’m happy to say I no longer have or need.

I have always had a keen interest in sport and have played several ball sports to a reasonably high standard including a spell as cricket professional at a local club in the Greater Manchester area, so working as a team & helping other people to succeed in this industry was a real attraction to me.

Now I have the choices to do what I want to do and when I want to do it, something I couldn’t envisage in my previous occupations.


We Work Together

Dare2Change Join Our Winning Team UK Network Marketing

Working is the key

to our SUCCESS

Work, but not as you know it! It’s certainly not the 9-to-5-do-as-the-boss-tells-you work.

You can work part-time, full-time, any time but you do have to work some time.

Over time, you’ll master what it takes to build a business that generates true ‘residual’ income – think ‘royalties’ like a musician!

Most importantly you have to have an audacious ambition to grow – it takes courage to be audacious.

We Play Together

Dare2Change Join Our Winning Team UK Network Marketing

Playing is the key to


Socialising is crucial to our team. We believe teams that play together, stay together!

You’ll get to meet new people, build strong friendships and have fun with good company and plenty of laughter thrown in.

We have FUN and we get things done!

We Grow Together

Dare2Change Join Our Winning Team UK Network Marketing

Growing is the key to


Positive support, personal development and powerful association – we’ll throw it all into the pot to help you grow and succeed.

You’ll get to work with some highly inspirational people too – business leaders, Olympians and world class coaches. We make it a rule to surround ourselves with positive people.



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