Determine your Niche Market

Any seminar, lecture or training I attend on marketing my business, the number 1 piece of advice is to ‘determine your niche market’.

So what is mine?

🤔 Is it ‘mums at home’?
🤔 Is it tradespeople who are maybe experiencing aches and pains from constant physical effort?
🤔 Is it teachers who are finding more and more that teaching seems to be about ‘ticking boxes’ instead of what’s best for the children?
🤔 Is it sports people who only have a certain length of time that they can participate at a particular level?
🤔 Or is it maybe young people who really do not want to go into that 9-5 job scenario for 40 or 50 years?

My difficulty is that when I attend Utility Warehouse events and I look round the room and see lots of successful Utility Warehouse partners and try to determine what is my niche market., I find they are literally from all different walks of life, all different business backgrounds, all different age groups, all from all the groups listed above!

The list is endless…

I could take any job or profession and I’ll guarantee it is represented in Utility Warehouse!

I look at my business and the team I have, and I pick out who I would consider to be the most successful and see if they happen to be from a particular background.

No, they are not.

So – “look deeper”, I tell myself.

Of course, the answer is blindingly obvious…

They all have that passion to succeed, they all have goals they are determined to achieve, they all have that discipline to put in that extra work now to secure a better future for themselves, they are positive people, they are prepared to get out of their comfort zone – all certain traits.

So my question to all marketing gurus out there is:

“How do I market this, because they can come from such a wide group of people?”

“Determine my niche market” – please!!

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