People join our business for all sorts of reasons, typically they fall into these categories:
• Extra Income
• Financial Freedom
• Own Business
• More Spare time
• Personal Development
• Helping Others
• Meeting New People
• Retirement
• Leave a Legacy
And yes, all of these can be achieved with consistent effort over time.
Interestingly though, the effort seldom seems as hard if we can perceive the reward to be greater. To do that sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to find out the reason beneath the reason. We have to uncover the deeply personal meaning beneath the headline and tap into our fundamental values – those things that are most important to us. It’s like a journey from our head to our heart; from nice idea to burning desire.
The reasons above all make sense at the level of thinking but it’s at the level of feeling we really unleash their power.
• Extra Income may mean an end to worry
• Financial Freedom may mean an end to fear
• Own Business may mean a feeling of independence
• More Spare Time may mean a sense of freedom
• Personal Development may mean discovering our self-worth
• Helping Others may mean a sense of purpose
• Meeting New People may mean an end to loneliness
• Retirement may mean a feeling of hope
• Leave a Legacy may mean a feeling of worthiness
These are just examples – the real meaning will be deeply personal and different for everyone.
And, it’s not just a feeling that’s important it’s an intensity of feeling.
So, when someone joins our business it’s important we discover the real reason for their joining or their ‘Why’ as we call it. Their Why will become their motivating force – the bigger the Why the stronger the force – the force that will help them keep on keeping on and weather the storms, the inevitable ups and downs which everyone experiences when building a business.
I’ve often seen business growth flounder when someone loses sight of their ‘Why’ and similarly I’ve seen business growth flourish when people re-connect with their Why or discover a new Why.
The good news is there’s a simple process to discover your WHY:
It starts with the question “What will ‘reason’ mean to you?” and it continues as we repeatedly ask the question “What else?” Personally, I like to go down at least seven levels, so we move from the top of the head thinking to a deeper level meaning. You just keep asking the question “What else?” until you start going around in circles coming back to the same answer or you hit a dead end as in nothing could be more important than the last answer.
This is a simple yet powerful process that will help anyone floundering in their business or work to reconnect with their values.
Just see, when you unearth your reason, you unleash your power!

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