That was the response I gave many years ago to someone who was asking me to look at the UW business and if I’m being brutally honest, they still don’t excite me.

He agreed with me that utilities were not exciting but pointed out to me that utilities are something that everyone needs and something that everyone uses, so might that not be a very positive factor when looking at a business.

He then went on to ask me what I considered some of the most successful franchises were.

I mentioned McDonald’s.

He then did an exercise with the group of people we were with:

Hands up if:

❓ You have had a Big Mac today
❓ You have had a Big Mac this week
❓ You have had a Big Mac this month
❓ You have visited a McDonald’s this month

Next question

Hands up if :-

🤚 You have made a telephone call today
🤚 You have sent a text message today
🤚 You have been on the internet today
🤚 You have switched on a light today

You can guess where most hands went up…

I think he made his point!

Must have! – Because I have now been a partner in the Utility Warehouse business for 20 years helping people save money on those boring but essential services and earning a very healthy residual income by doing just that.

Think he might also have mentioned the thousands of £’s it costs to own a franchise with McDonalds!

How does just £10 to be a partner with Utility Warehouse sound?

Get in touch if you would like to know more.  

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