When Failing a Challenge is a good thing!

As someone who has been involved in sport all my life, never ever do I want to fail a challenge – or so I thought.

Years ago I was at a training for Utility Warehouse and the guy taking the training said- ‘I am going to set you a challenge and I guarantee you are all going to fail’

Immediately my competitive spirit responded inwardly saying ‘Not me, I rise to challenges!’

I still look back at that training and give it a ‘thumbs up’ because what a cunning challenge it was.

He made us draw a grid of 20 squares and then delivered the challenge.

‘I want you to speak to 20 people and ask if you can tell them about Utility Warehouse. The challenge is to get 20 ‘No’s ’and I guarantee you are all going to fail!’

Believe it or not, momentarily I was torn between winning the challenge and getting the 20 No’s, even though I saw his ‘cunning plan’ (as Baldrick would say)

So I failed the challenge and in doing so helped to grow my Utility Warehouse business – but I still hate writing those words ‘failed the challenge’ 

Once a competitor, always a competitor!

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