Why bother with expensive advertising when your competition does it for you?

We are all used to receiving ‘cold calls’ trying to sell us something.

When I first joined Utility Warehouse both as a partner and a customer, one of the calls I received was from a company purporting to be extremely helpful to me by searching out the best company I should be with for my utilities and they would save me lots of money. There then followed quite a dialogue which I listened to politely, where they listed all the benefits they were going to give me by sourcing this information.

Then came the killer question.

‘May I ask which company you are with at the ‘moment?’

‘Utility Warehouse’ I replied

A period of silence followed before the response came

‘Yes, I can confirm that you are on the best deal. Thank you for your time’

As I put the phone down, I must confess I had a chuckle as I imagined the scenario at the other end of the phone where my phone caller could well be saying

‘Oh why have I got another happy Utility Warehouse customer!’

As I had not long been a partner and customer with Utility Warehouse at that time, that phone call actually gave me great belief that I had joined the right company. This scenario has been repeated so often

Many of my happy UW customers tell me that when they get cold called by other companies, the moment they mention they are with UW, the call is ended and of course that gives them confidence they are with the right company

Loving it when the competition does the work for you…!

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