I’ve finally given up on being a Pop Star

The main reason for this decision is that I can’t sing in tune, as any of my friends who have been in my car when I am singing along will testify.

However, all is not lost as I able to share some similarities between me and a pop star!

 Some years ago I saw a TV interview with Noddy Holder of Slade fame who revealed that he earned nearly half a million pounds in royalties EVERY Christmas time from the song ‘Merry Christmas Everyone.’  That song was written in 1973 and I suspect most of us have at one time danced or sung to that song at Christmas.

Similarly, I heard a radio interview with the American soul singer Jimmy Ruffin whose biggest hit was ‘What becomes of the Broken Hearted ‘and he said it was the royalties from that song that allowed him to walk away from a factory job he hated.

Both of them did a job once but got paid over and over again  

And that is exactly what the UW business opportunity can give anyone. They can earn royalties like a pop star!

My very first customer was a teacher colleague 15 years ago and I have been paid every month for 15 years on a job I did once. Of course, you don’t stop at 1 customer 

So, if you fancy the idea of being paid a royalty income, get in touch for a chat. I promise you – you won’t ‘become broken hearted!’

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