“Mo, you get on with people and that’s what this business is all about”

This was the response I got when some years ago I politely declined an invitation to attend a Business Information evening – and how clever that response was!

I am always open minded and prepared to look at anything but when I heard the word ‘Utilities’ connected with the company he was inviting me to look at, my interest immediately disappeared.

Now he could have gone into “Mo, everyone uses utilities, indeed everyone needs utilities, we’re the only company that that puts all the utilities on the one bill” etc – all of which is true and all good positive points that may well have resonated with someone with a totally different mindset to mine, but at that stage my mind was still focused on the word ‘utilities’ and the pre conception I had of what any business dealing with utilities would be all about.

He knew I was a ‘people’ person, someone with a background of sport, always part of a team and someone who enjoyed having fun. He knew the ‘hot button’ and the character of the person he was talking with and adjusted his response and approach accordingly.

So of course, I attended the Business Information evening and the rest is history. It has changed my life and all because the person who invited me recognised that a ’one size fits all’ response might not work.

I am so grateful he did!

What’s the best bit about the business?

Well of course for me it is making new friendships, being part of a team and having fun.

So if you have goals and ambitions and you are a ‘people’ person and you know you’d enjoy being part of a team where our mantra is ‘Belief, Teamwork, Fun’ please get in touch.

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