You Must Score Goals

As an ex PE teacher, my half time talk with my hockey teams was always very much on the same lines…

I would start off complimenting them on what they were doing well, and discuss what they had sussed out about the opposing team and how they could take advantage of that.

Always, always, my final words were:

“…to win this match you have to get the ball in the net – you must score goals…”

They would respond with:

“…we must score goals…!”

And that would be accompanied by that determined punch in the air.

I always found the 2nd half had a much more laser-focused winning mindset on that one important fact – to win the match, you have to score goals.

When I transitioned from teaching to business, all I ever did was to use the skills, the disciplines, the winning mindset I had learned from sport and apply that to my businesses.

Top of that list was teamwork and setting and scoring goals.

So whether it be hockey teams, business teams (or even football teams!)…

“You Must Score Goals”

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