Our league is only doubles matches so what do you look for when picking a team? Well, it is certainly not based solely on who are the best individual players.

So many times I have seen – and been part of – a doubles partnership that has beaten two obviously better individual players.Firstly, though rather obvious but not always taken into consideration, the doubles pair must actually like and respect each other.Secondly – do their playing styles suit one another, gel with one another? 

Do they play the same type of game or do the different styles make it more difficult for the opposition to get into a ‘rhythm’ against them?

Do they have an understanding of who goes for what ball – particularly that ball that comes down the middle! Is it the player on the forehand, or does one particular player have a strong backhand?

Do they discuss if they are going to change tactics if they find themselves in a losing position?

Do they support one another if one of them is having an ‘off day’?  I remember speaking with two well-known players who came to our club, and we asked them that question. The reply – ‘Well of course we do, she’s more upset at having an ‘off day’ than I am, so I’m there to support her.

’So it’s not about who has got a strong serve or an explosive forehand, there’s a much more human element. Know, Like and Trust.

Whether it’s a team of 2 as in tennis doubles, or whether it’s a team of 11 as in football the word TEAM – Together Everyone achieves More   –   applies equally.

Sport or Business!

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