I recently attended an event to hear the Scottish folk singer Claire Hastings and what an enjoyable event it was. New songs, old songs, and songs and stories that took me back to my childhood days in Scotland all helped to make the evening such a pleasure.

As is always part of any musician’s tour, CDs were on sale and of course I bought one and I have to say it has been played over and over again particularly whilst travelling in the car.

One particular track – ‘Come spend a while wi me‘ -is in danger of being worn out I have listened to it so often. The sentiment is telling us all to take the time to spend with loved ones, friends and family , as life is short and no one knows what the next day may bring. Every time I listen to it, I have a lump in my throat and a tear rolls down my cheek.

The words are lovely and yes, they do apply to spending time with friends, but the more I listen to it, the words and advice could equally apply to life’s missed opportunities.

How many times have you put off something ‘till ‘ tomorrow ‘ – that fictional day that never comes? How many times have you resisted moving out of your comfort zone in case it didn’t work out? How many times have you regretted any of those decisions? Those missed opportunities that are gone for good because ‘the clock will no turn back’

Some more lines in the song :-

‘We work and eat and sleep

Just to earn a meagre keep

And the stress and strife of oor daily life

Is the harvest that we reap’

Anyone recognise that as your life? What has happened to those childhood dreams you had, those goals you set yourself but seem to be just as far away because you are now stuck in that 9-5 scenario that you feel gives you some level of security. Or does it? Gone are the days where there was a ‘job for life’ Very recently I have met 2 separate business people who, out of the blue, had been made redundant. Both have now set up their own businesses following their passion, and both independently said they had never been happier, never felt more fulfilled and wished they had done it sooner. I asked them both that if they hadn’t been made redundant would they have left their employment and followed their dreams. They both answered ‘ No’  Why did it take someone else to make that decision for them ?  Why were they not taking control of their own future?

Some more lines from the song :-

Aye and wha kens when we’ll meet again

An wha kens whaur we’ll be ?

So one interpretation –

Who knows when another opportunity will come our way, and will we still be stuck in that ‘status quo’ because we didn’t take that leap of faith and do something about it.

Some lines to finish on :-

‘For you only get one chance

So come on and join the dance ‘

Have a look at Dare2change.co.uk and see if you’re ready to take that chance – and come on and ‘join the dance’

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